Janis and James All Stars

Whizzy Awarded All Ireland Business All Stars

Last month we had the absolutely brilliant news that our little business had only gone and become the FIRST EVER BROADBAND COMPANY TO BECOME AN ALL IRELAND BUSINESS ALL STAR!

We went through some eye-watering inspections and judging by a panel of serious business experts to qualify for this prestigious prize.

We were all looking forward to going to a big shin-dig of a celebration in Croke Park yesterday to be presented with our award. It was going to be just like the Oscars – only a bigger deal! Sure, we all had our designer outfits ready for the red carpet paparazzi and our after-party organised. But, it wasn’t meant to be – Corona came along and coughed in our custard, spoiling our day in the sun – the day was cancelled.

But never mind, we are all focused on helping each other to get through this and there are waaaaay more important things to worry about.

We are so grateful to the fantastic team that we have here at Whizzy Internet. Everyone really supports each other and we are all dedicated to supporting our customers.

We really appreciate all of the people in North County Wexford who choose Whizzy Internet to supply them with their high speed broadband.

The Business All Stars Award is just an acknowledgement that our team is doing a good job and we want to continue with that.

Now, more than ever, it is our mission to keep our customers connected – to each other, to education resources, to their work and to some much needed entertainment too.

We will hang our All Ireland Business All Stars Award Certificate on the wall for the moment and work towards the day, when this Corona crisis is finished, when we can take a little time out to celebrate and raise a glass to our customers and to our team mates – you are all stars!

Until then, stay home, stay well, stay connected.