Caution Cyber Attack Ahead

Why we all need to change our passwords

Yes, we all know that we should use a different password each time we create a new account online, but most of us don’t. It is such a pain to have to come up with a new password and then find a way to remember them all!

However, it is definitely worth the trouble!

If your password is among the top million easy to guess passwords in the world, a hacker may be able to break into your account in a matter of minutes. 


Our Tips to Help Keeping Passwords Secure

  1. Choose strong passwords – that are hard to guess and unique. Using the same password in several accounts can lead to that password entering a list of breached passwords – ones that hackers will try in an attack. 


To see if your password/s have been leaked online, enter your email address in – you may find some interesting information!


  1. Use an app such as LastPass to create and remember your passwords securely. 
  2. Change your passwords regularly – say once a year. This will be a big help in making your online accounts more secure.