How To Tell Real Reviews From Fake Reviews

We are so lucky to have wonderful customers who have given us great reviews for our high speed broadband online. We know that they are real because in most cases the customers use their real name and email address and we really appreciate them. 

As a small, independent broadband provider, we put a lot of effort into our customer service in order to compete against the big guys who can spend a lot of ads but are more likely to use chat-bots and automated replies when they deal with customers rather than real people who know their broadband customers in Wexford, Wicklow and Carlow like we do. 

Nowadays we need to take care when we look for information on the internet. We all check reviews before buying (don’t we?) but how much can we trust them? 

There are some businesses that pay to have fake reviews posted for them and here are some ways that you can spot them: 

Does the review have a lot of detail included? Too little and it may be that the reviewer is just copying and pasting and doesn’t really know anything about the product. Too much and it may be the seller themselves briefing a paid reviewer on what to make sure to mention. 

Does the language sound real (doesn’t need to be grammatically 100%, in fact, that could well be a warning sign!)

Look for Verified Purchase on reviews on Amazon and other marketplaces. This means that the seller confirms that this person has actually bought the product that they are reviewing. 

Check what other reviews the reviewer has written – you should be able to see from them whether they are a genuine person or not. 

Try using a tool like – it can help you spot fake reviews on Amazon, eBay and more

Most online reviews are authentic and you can trust them, just be careful. 

Don’t trust the overall rating without reading a selection of them and making your own mind up before buying. 

Happy Shopping!

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