Privacy Policy

Whizzy Internet is committed your privacy and compliance with all relevant data protection laws. We would like to share details with you in our Privacy Policy, regarding how we collect, store and utilise data about you. This Privacy Policy concerns any personal details we collect and store about you.

1) Collection of Data
You can choose what data to provide us, when you make contact with us, for example enquiring about service, ordering service, engaging in service or support calls, etc.
We undertake to only use your data for the purposes of carrying out our business, e.g. responding to your needs and providing you with a service
We will only collect data that is relevant to the line of business we are in
We will not collect data about you without your knowledge or consent. By utilising our service, you give us consent to collect technical data generated by your use of the service and also by giving us personal data by way of phone calls, emails, letters, face-to-face conversations, etc, you choose to and consent to giving us data
2) Use of and Disclosure of Information
Data will be used only for purposes that are legal and will be processed for reasons that are fair and related to the original intent of the giving of the data and for the general provision of services
Data will not be used, disclosed or processed in any manner incompatible with the purposes for which it was obtained.
We may need to disclose your data to subcontractors or other bodies for the purpose of carrying out our business and providing you with a service.
We may disclose your data for the purposes of complying with a legal order or assisting in a legal process or to protect the rights of Whizzy Internet.
We will not disclose your data to third parties that are not involved in the provision of our service. We will not disclose your data to third parties for their marketing purposes with the exception of agencies performing marketing for Whizzy Internet.
3) Storage and Retention
We will store your account-related data on a secure server or in a secure file for as long as your account is opened with us and will then archive it in similar storage for a maximum period of the duration of your account plus any period required by law or deemed necessary to aid in legal processes.
4) Access to Your Data
We will disclose to you, on request, all data held on you by our organisation