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NBI (National Broadband Ireland)
Our Trusted Partner for Expanding Fibre Broadband Coverage


At Whizzy Internet, we strive to provide our customers with the best and most reliable internet services. To extend our high-speed fibre broadband reach, we partner with National Broadband Ireland (NBI). NBI is dedicated to delivering high-quality broadband to underserved and rural areas, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the benefits of fast and reliable internet.

About NBI

National Broadband Ireland (NBI) is responsible for the deployment of the National Broadband Plan (NBP), a government initiative aimed at bringing high-speed broadband to every home, farm, business, and school in Ireland. NBI’s mission is to bridge the digital divide and provide equal access to world-class broadband services, regardless of location.

Key Features of NBI:

  • Nationwide Coverage: NBI is committed to reaching areas that have been left behind by traditional broadband providers, focusing on rural and remote regions.
  • State-of-the-Art Infrastructure: Utilizing advanced fibre optic technology, NBI ensures robust and high-performance broadband connectivity.
  • Government Partnership: As part of a national initiative, NBI works closely with the government to deliver on its promise of universal broadband access.

Benefits of NBI Fibre Broadband

Partnering with NBI allows Whizzy Internet to offer high-speed fibre broadband in areas that were previously underserved. This collaboration brings several key benefits to our customers:

  1. Extended Reach: Through NBI, we can provide high-speed internet to rural and remote locations, ensuring no community is left without reliable broadband access.
  2. High-Speed Internet: Enjoy fast download and upload speeds that support modern internet usage, including streaming, gaming, and remote work.
  3. Enhanced Connectivity: Reliable and consistent internet connections improve the overall online experience for homes and businesses alike.
  4. Equal Access: NBI’s mission aligns with our goal of providing equal access to high-quality internet, helping to close the digital divide.

How NBI Enhances Our Service

By partnering with NBI, Whizzy Internet can extend our fibre broadband services to more areas, ensuring that everyone has access to the benefits of high-speed internet. This partnership supports our commitment to providing reliable and high-performance broadband to all of our customers, regardless of their location.